Why Pritam Singh deserves to win Bigg Boss 8

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Pritam Singh - Bigg Boss 8

Pritam Singh aka Pritam Pyaare… A man whose voice was very popular got a chance to reveal his personality. In Bigg Boss season 8 Pritam Singh entered just like an ordinary contestant and by this final week, he has emerged as an extraordinary person that Bigg Boss ever had. His journey started through a secret society where he was accompanied by Deepshikha Nagpal and Puneet Issar. On day 7, Pritam entered the main house and from here on his real journey started.

The very first task, hijack, Bigg Boss gave to housemates was to occupy a proper house as they were living in a plane for more than a week. Pritam and Deepshikha were to lead two teams where Pritam’s team had Gautam Gulati & Deepshikha’s team had Karishma Tanna. During this task when Gautam used abusive language against Karishma, the entire house stood against him except Pritam Singh, who constantly said that he’s against abuse but he’s also against the exaggerated reaction of other housemates. This was like a foundation stone of the P3G group i.e. Pritam, Praneet, Punit, and Gautam.

Pritam is a man who stood by every housemate in their bad days. When no one of the houses could stand against Karishma and Diandra, it was Pritam who stood against them with Praneet Bhat saying misuse of “woman card” should be curbed. Pritam always gave his 100% to all the tasks but at the same time, he never tried any inhuman thing to win the task. He is a person with a cool and composed nature.

Even when Pritam was part of P3G, he never supported anything which was wrong according to him. He always stands by what his heart says. He is not a man who believes in YesManShip. This quality of him made few people unhappy as they were expecting him to stand with them even when they were going wrong.

In the entire season of this Bigg Boss Pritam-Gautam, friendship has remained the center of attraction. Pritam being a friend always tried to support Gautam even when everyone was against him but he also tried to show Gautam where he is going wrong, and that’s where Gautam started counting his friendship in percentage. Whereas Gautam was expecting Pritam to stand with him in whatever he does, Pritam stood only where he found Gautam right and didn’t support anything wrong just because they were friends. But we all know, when Pritam calls someone his friend, he supports him with all heart and that’s why he saved Gautam Gulati in the final week knowing how strong competitor he is.

Anyway, Pritam has emerged as the only contestant who did not need any special ‘angle’ to stay in the show. He is just being himself. He didn’t try the love angle or didn’t tried to be heroic unnecessarily. Whenever there’s a fight between housemates, Pritam comes first to stop that and never tries to leave the place. It is a strange thing that almost every housemate has fine relation with him and no one has a bitter feeling about Pritam. However, it is also true that Pritam had only one true friend in the house and he was Praneet Bhat whose eviction brought an emotional side to Pritam’s personality before us.

The incident when Pritam lost his cool was when Dimpy abused him and he just couldn’t control himself. But after few hours he went to Dimpy and apologized for his words and said that whatever Dimpy did was her part but he should have kept control over himself. Apart from that Pritam never seek sympathy from others when he was struggling, he fought his battle alone and emerged as a winner out of it. In all record of Bigg Boss 8 and Bigg Boss Halla Bol, no one can accuse Pritam of provoking anyone, pocking anyone, causing a fight between anyone.

In between all these, Pritam has not left any stone unturned to entertain us. As RJ he obviously has a strong command over his words. In addition, he has danced, sang, made few funny lyrics, and gave us many comedy scenes… But his comedy never hurt anyone, he made everyone laugh and enjoy.

Last but not the least; it is Pritam who hired no PR, who has reached this high because of the votes and love of his real fans. He is the one who represents a common man in the Bigg Boss house. He was taunted by few so-called high-class people as “only RJ”, “Smalltown boy” “zopadpatti wala” but he hasn’t commented for anybody like that. If Pritam wins, it will be the victory of a man with pure heart, gentle behavior and a real entertainer.

Parikshit Shah

Parikshit Shah


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