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TINYCHANGE 2021 Classic Life Planner Diary Review

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Scribbles

TINYCHANGE 2021 Classic Life Planner Diary

I have heard about writing daily journals from my parents and grandparents. My mother used to push me to make one for myself, but it was too much for a boy who was lazy even to write the schoolbooks. However, now that I find myself as a working professional and at the helm of a start-up, I feel the need to organize my routine so I can organize outside things better. So, my search for a yearly planner landed me on this amazing planner named TINYCHANGE 2021 Classic Life Planner Diary on Amazon.

Priced at INR 969, TINYCHANGE 2021 planner is certainly targeted to the people who would take weekly and monthly planning seriously. Talking about physical overview, it speaks about its premium quality quite evidently. The cover feels nice and sturdy, the page quality is undoubtedly great. One thing that I notice in any thick book is the hinge and the spine and this diary does not disappoint there. The inner hinge is firm enough to hold pages together even if you use it in fall-flat mode.

TINYCHANGE Planner 2021 package

Inside the package of TINYCHNAGE 2021 Classic Life Planner, there’s a welcome note accompanied by a QR code and a password which will open an e-vault for you. It has a lot of productive and useful stuff like guides, resources, reading materials, printable, etc. There are a few stickers, bookmarks, a “thank you” note, and a pocket diary that replicates its big brother’s weekly planner. The stickers are useful in highlighting important and special days, things, occasions. The pocket inside the back cover is firm and it is quite useful if you want to keep some papers and documents in that.

TINYCHNAGE 2021 Planner Tour:

TINYCHNAGE 2021 Planner: Life Compass

Life Compass: This is more like a mirror of your lifestyle and state of life. It starts with a two-page section titled “My True Self” which asks you some thought-provoking questions. It is followed by sections named “My Life Achievements” and “My Dream Life”. I personally liked two sections “My Core Values” and “Quality of Life”. There is a page where you can list down “Key Learnings from 2020” and I am sure we all have plenty of learning from this dramatic year.

TINYCHANGE 2021 Planner Roadmap

2021 Roadmap: This section starts with listing down your top 10 goals and then listing 3 of them in a detailed manner. Followed by it is a section to list “Quality of Life Improvements”, “My Ideal Week Design” and “My Ideal Day Design”. The weekly planner and daily planner which are given here are very useful if you wish to continue a disciplined daily and weekly lifestyle.

Planning Pages

2021 Planning Pages: It has a spacious calendar in the starting for all 12 months and space to write down some important notes below that month. After that comes “Helicopter View” which I don’t know how to use. This is followed by a guide on how to use the weekly planner, planning tips, and life lessons by achievers. Then you will see a monthly planner which is followed by weekly planners for the weeks of that month and it will end with a monthly review.


Lifekit: This section has 20 important lists that will come in handy when you are planning your personal life, goals, and finances. The “Bucket List”, “To Buy List”, “Binge-Watch”, “Wanderlust”, “Subscription Tracker” and many more lists are there which will help you. These lists are very useful to keep a good work-life balance.

Overall, I am pretty much satisfied with the purchase I have made. Thanks to the makers of this amazing planner who have not just put together some amazing ideas but also made sure that they are easy to understand and easy to use. It is well designed, well structured, and built well. TINYCHNAGE 2021 is a perfect planner for all working professionals who wish to use and carry a planner with them everywhere they go.

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