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Keith Sequeira – The Hero of Bigg Boss 9

by | Jan 10, 2016 | Scribbles

Keith Sequeira, who entered in Lonavala based Bigg Boss house just like many other contestants entered before but now emerging as a one who is not ‘every contestant’ but truly a gem. 35 years old Keith, who’s an actor, a former model, and VJ, recently featured in the movie Calendar Girls as Pinaki. Once Keith modeled for Raymond’s The Complete Man campaign but his Bigg Boss has proved that he’s a Complete Man.

Keith Sequeira - Bigg Boss 9

Keith Sequeira entered the Bigg Boss 9 tied with Mandana Karimi. His girlfriend and former Miss India Rochelle Rao entered the same reality show tied with Prince Narula. It’s impossible to know anyone’s personality in the early days and the same gone with him; he was to me just like every BB9 contestant. When all Jodies were asked to sacrifice luggage of one in order to get the same of others, Keith sacrificed his luggage to get Mandana’s. After a week Bigg Boss asked Keith, Suyyash, Prince, and Digangana, the four who were not having their belongings, to put a bid for it, and the number of their bids will be deducted from the final prize money of the show. As a surprise to all, Keith bet ZERO as he said ‘it is unfair on my part if I am causing loss of winner for my benefits.’ At this very moment, he proved that he is not someone who will get lost in the crowd but one who will stand apart and shine. As a result of the bids of Suyyash, Prince, and Digangana, the final prize money of the show reduced by almost 10 lacs. Even Bigg Boss praised Keith saying “the same thing was told to all four but the only person understood it right away.” Thanks to Salman Khan who also appreciated Keith and returned his entire luggage as a reward.

The first task where Kishwer & Aman were Zamindar and all other housemates, except Arvind Vegda, were Mazdoor, Keith & Mandana received lots of appreciation from the audience and Salman. There is no task in which Keith has not given his hundred percent. He took shoes on his hips, fought with a professional wrestler in the ring even with an injured leg, played butler like a pro and even helped Digangana during that task in every possible manner, won captaincy task against Suyyash effortlessly and not to forget the very recent Jewel Theif where he played not only physically but used his intelligence to strategies the game for his team. He kept his love for Rochelle aside in tasks and asked to be loyal to his team and not support him and not to expect any support from him during tasks.

Keith Sequeira was made Sanchalak twice in BB9, once during Bhoot Bangalaa task and then recently in the Ticket to Finale Week task. Both the time he set an example of ‘fair Sanchalak’. For the first time ever in Bigg Boss history, we could hear all participants shouting “hamara Sanchalak kaisa ho, Keith Sequeira jaisa ho” in a union, that only proves how much faith he has earned in the house. He even warned Rochelle a number of times for breaking rules. During Bhoot Bangala task he went into the pool to count the bones of skeletons, who does this just for the sake of being fair enough and not to take any unfair decision. Bigg Boss tasks are never complete without contestants getting into arguments with Sanchalak but this is not the case when Keith is there; in fact, teams and contestants put their full faith in him and agree to obey whatever decision he takes.

When Keith was out for 22 days as his brother passed away, Twitter was full of “come back Keith”, “bring back Keith”, “waiting for Keith” tweets. Even Colors TV’s official Twitter handle used #KeithIsBack when he returned. Even after so much happening and trauma Keith has managed to keep himself strong in the house and no one can deny that. All housemates still think Keith is the biggest challenge for them and neither critic denies that. His calm, composed and balanced attitude has made a mark in the viewer’s mind. The best thing about Keith is, he has no haters, neither inside the house and nor outside. Even if Bigg Boss is well known for high-drama and shouting and screaming and abusing and fighting, Keith needed nothing out of this to grab attention. We can say that it’s Keith who rather tries to solve conflicts and to create one.

As Keith is unique, unique things happen with him in the house. When Keith cried remembering his brother, the entire house was in tears. Thanks to all the housemates who not only understood his emotional condition but did every possible thing to console him. You can imagine the level of respect he has earned by noticing a simple thing that whenever Keith speaks, the entire house listens without interrupting. Keith doesn’t have a habit of poking his nose in other’s business but when he gives advice, people listen to it carefully.

The way he has handled his and Rochelle’s relationship in the house is definitely admirable. He never forced his viewpoints on her neither supported her in any wrong way. Keith always encouraged Rochelle to play individually, make friends in house and not to rely on him for everything. He always pointed her whenever she went wrong. Keith has set an example of dream boyfriend.

It doesn’t matter if he reached the finale or not, whether he wins or not, but he has raised the standard of Bigg Boss for sure. He has been a reason why many people watch Bigg Boss 9 which is supposed to be less popular than previously. Keith has been himself throughout the situations. Whether the entire house is on fire or fighting or is in hyper aggression, Keith keeps his cool and never gets carried away. He knows which matters are worth fighting for and which matters should be completely ignored. Of course, these qualities of a person are admirable, more than any title.

Thanks to Sana Ali Bhutto for your help in preparing this blog.

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