Book Review – If We Last By Ishita Banik

by | Sep 3, 2020 | Book Review

If We Last by Ishita Banik

Some books are blending of two more genres and the book I finished recently is a very good example of the same. The book named If We Last by Ishita Banik is a good book if you want to read love and horror at the same time. The book is published by Educreation Publication in March 2018.

If We Last by Ishita Banik

The story revolves around two protagonists named Avispa and Reyansh. Avispa is a young girl who’s a college student. Her mother encourages her to apply for some job but she is trying to avoid that thing for the time being. She is a very pampered kid at home but not a spoiled child. She is celebrating every moment of her life. But this phase of happiness isn’t ever-lasting for sure.

Reyansh is an engineer who is going through his own trouble. He is unable to hold himself after his girlfriend Mahika left him. He is unable to move-on and he starts hurting himself so he would be able to forget the pain within him.

Avispa and Reyansh interact with each other on Facebook for the first time and they managed to meet each other within a few days at an adventurous location. They grow their bond slowly but surely. While Reyansh is finding a reason to be at peace and to be loved again, Avispa finds him a genuine guy whom she has started to like.

But that’s not all about this story. The story has an “unknown stalker” who creates a lot of chaos in Avispa’s life. She experiences things no one would expect to even imagine. When she explains those incidents to her friend, she also got scared but eventually, she asks Avispa to check with some doctor which left Avispa in shock.

The story is about two people with different backgrounds meeting each other in an environment that might be normal for everyone but it’s not normal for them at least. While they continue to come closer to each other, many things happen which is expected to add more drama to their lives.

The story runs at a good pace most of the time but it slows down 2-3 times I skipped a few paragraphs without fear of missing anything important. The language is simple. Surprisingly, I did not have to open the dictionary even once. I came to know that this is not the only book in this series but the story will continue in the next book as well so I am waiting to read that as well. Overall it was a good read.

I will give it 4.5 stars out of 5.

My favorite quotes from If We Last:

“Sometimes pain becomes a strongly rooted part of yourself. It grows and changes with you, inside you; but never leaves you. And after a point of time, you stop complaining about it. Because you accept its existence within you. You become so habituated to it that you stop bothering about how your life can be or how much better your life can be without it…”

“‘Time’ never fails to be unfair to us. It crawls when we need it to pass as soon as possible and it flies when we plead for one second more.”

“And that’s when we call it ‘living’, instead of ‘surviving’, when we excitedly wait for the upcoming days, when we look forward to experiencing something, we really want.”

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