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by | Feb 12, 2022 | Book Review

Book Recommendation 2022 | Parikshit Shah

It’s the second month of 2022 and I’m sharing this blog now, a bit too late for this, I guess. But, as it said, better late than never. I usually don’t write on book recommendations because I haven’t been a consistent reader in the last couple of months. However, I am writing on book recommendation 2022 as I lately gained my reading routine back. So, here are a few books I would suggest you should read to make your 2022 worthwhile.

Why are they on Book Recommendation 2022 list?

These are the books I would happily read more than once. All books in this list are less than 300 pages. You can complete them in less than a week even with average reading speed and 30 mins daily reading time. Even if you’re not a reader, you’d enjoy them. Also, these books will leave you with thoughts, ideas, and motivation. Unlike those books that give you direct instructions and pass on opinions, these books will help you channel your thoughts and make your daily life more meaningful.

Unposted Letters:

This book in written by my most favorite motivational speaker, Mahatria Ra (formally known as T T Rangarajan). It has taught me a lot many things, just like his seminars that I streamed online. Unposted Letters covers the gist of many of his speeches. It provides a way of thinking to lead a prosperous and yet happy life. It encourages us to think beyond the daily chaos of life and make the most out of every day living on this planet. It is my book recommendation 2022 and you’d do yourself one big favor if you read it.

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Another book that focuses on quality of life. The book aims to make you think about living happily while achieving your life’s goals. It is based on the Japanese secret to a long and happy life. It talks in detail about good food habits, having a pleasant family environment, and finding a motivation to lead your daily life. The book is more about enjoying life rather than rushing in a rat race world. Pause, take a breath and look at your life holistically. You should read it once in your life for sure and that’s why it’s in the book recommendation 2022 list.

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Atomic Habits:

A big thanks to James Clear for writing this masterpiece. This book has the potential to change your entire lifestyle. I cannot stress enough while writing this. It has proved how our everyday actions form habits and how those habits impact our lives. Atomic Habits does not ask to abandon bad habits overnight. It rather asks to adopt good habits. The book is not about rigorous discipline but about making good habits rewarding. It gives case studies, examples, and exercises that will help you implement the teachings of the book.

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Another gem of a book. My book recommendation 2022 cannot afford to exclude this book. Written by Jason Fried, this book is set to challenge many beliefs around the work culture built around us. If you’re starting your own business from a scratch, this book will bring a lot of clarity of thoughts to you. It’ll help you declutter and focus on what should matter. The book, on its every page, has conveyed one message clearly, “less is more”. Rework is best read for bootstrap and lean startup lovers like me.

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Psychology of Money

One of the finest books I have read on money to date. Morgan Housel has covered all emotions one goes through when one decides to make choices with money. In the world of excels and spreadsheets, this book makes money management a lot easier. The book provides a thought process so that you can enjoy every happiness of life without worrying about money. It states the difference between being rich and being wealthy. In short, it is about managing your behavior in financial matters and not taking foolish decisions with it.

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Brand New Start

In the age when brand building is vital and personal branding is becoming mainstream, this book by Mainak Dhar is an eye-opener. It shows why personal branding is no longer an option and how anyone can get started with it with minimum resources at their disposal. I am adding this to my book recommendation 2022 list because this book has helped me a lot. As the market becomes more and more competitive, building a personal brand is vital for those who aspire to achieve more in their jobs or business.

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To summarize,

I have shared these books based on my experience with them. I believe a good book should add value to your life, it should provide you a reason to spend time with it and it should leave an impact on you. A good book makes you come back to it. As far as these books are concerned, I assure you that you won’t regret giving them your time and money.

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