Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022 – The Best Productivity Planner

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Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022

A wise man once said, “a goal without a plan is just a dream.” Well, planning is a process that takes a lot more than just a motivating quote. A yearly planner, specially designed for productivity, can be a great companion for achieving your set goals. This year’s search for a productivity planner was complete when I found Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022. It exudes a goal-oriented approach towards planning throughout.

I want to thank Jazzstarx for sending me Star 2022 planner for this blog. Now, let me walk you through one of the finest planners I have discovered for 2022.

Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022

Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022 Packaging:

I like what Jazzstarx has done with the packaging part. It is minimal and consists of what you would need for productivity. The box consisted of a welcome note, two sticker sheets, one user manual, and the planner itself. For a change, I found their stickers somewhat meaningful and useful.

The planner’s quality is good. It feels premium and justifies the price you’re paying. The paper is thick at 90 gsm. I don’t use sketch pens or gel pens, so that I won’t have any issues with this but if you use them, do your research before buying them. Three ribbons will be helpful, considering how they have designed the planner.

Productivity Tools – Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022:

Here is my most favorite part of Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022. This planner has a bunch of tools that help plan and evaluate your progress towards the goals. I am just mentioning a few key factors that made me pick this planner over others.

Goals of the year:

Knowing what you want to achieve in a year is the first step to planning it. The planner has categories of goals focused on health, family, work, travel, social network, and so on. Every action should have a purpose to it and that’s why the planner asks you to rank your goals and pen down why they are important.

Taking it ahead, the planner has three goal-planners for three months each. It has a brainstorming page and a detailed planning page for 3-6-12 months. We have two pages for each quarter to set deadlines and tasks to be completed on that deadline. There’s a page dedicated to every quarter where you can list down three major goals you want to achieve over the upcoming three months.

One, Three- & Five-Years Goals:

Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022

Life is more extensive than just 365 days, right? That’s why you need not just plan your year but your next few years as well. You can note down the goals you want to achieve in one year, three years, and five years. This tool is quite useful to decide what you should do in the short term to meet your long-term targets.

80:20 Weekly Pages:

Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022

If you’re new to the 80:20 rule, aka Pareto Principle, it says 80% output (or outcome) results from 20% of the input (or efforts). Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022 implies the rule in their weekly pages. You can divide six main tasks of every day and rank them according to their importance. You can evaluate your every day by calculating your efficiency based on the number of tasks you’ve completed. Apart from this, you can also highlight the three most important goals of every week, reward yourself for success and note down things you need to improve in the upcoming week.

Monthly Overview:

This planner really has an interesting page to begin your month with. First, kudos to the creators who came up with so nicely designed doodles for every month. Coming back to the topic, you can note down your focus goals, habits, and the reward you’d give to yourself if you achieve it. By the end of the month, you have a “done vs. delayed” page, and I admire the thought behind the titles given. We have a page dedicated to performance evaluation, work-life balance, and improvements for the upcoming month. The overall thought process is minimal but precise, exactly how I like my productivity tools to be.

Yearly Overview:

The planner has two full pages for bibliophiles like me, and I think it’ll help me become a better and consistent reader this year. The yearly overview has a page for a wish list and a bucket list each. If you’re a start-up founder like me, you’d love the start-up idea pages at the end of the planner.

Do I miss anything in Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022?

Honestly, I expected a bit more than what the planner is giving for yearly evaluation. I cannot find anything to track my subscriptions, renewals, or recurring payment tracking. Though I am not a traveller myself, I wish there was something for the travel lovers too. In addition, I miss having a monthly budget tracker to record my unplanned expenses. Since this planner is designed for professionals, having some sort of income and investment tracker would have benefited users.

Is Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022 A Good Buy?

One word answer, YES! If you are on the search for a planner that helps you achieve your goals of 2022, this planner is a friend you need. It ticks most of the boxes that make an excellent productivity planner. Considering the company is new in the business, they have exceeded the expectations I had from them.

You can buy Jazzstarx Planner Star 2022 from the links below:

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