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Inphic Rechargeable Mouse

Mouse and especially wireless mouse are something I am used to. Even if the touchpad of the laptop is good and I am not a gamer, I prefer an external mouse over touchpads. After using the Logitech mouse for more than 3 years, it started behaving weird. The battery life was deteriorating, the mouse’s outer coating was coming off, the scroll wheel gave up and the right-click refused to function. This left me with no choice but to buy a new mouse. And this time, I thought of trying Inphic Rechargeable Mouse.

Initially, another Logitech mouse was an easy choice. But then a little bit of browsing on Amazon landed me on a mouse that did not need AAA batteries. It was a rechargeable mouse by Inphic. This sole feature made me buy it. I purchased it for INR 799. Of course, it was a costlier choice compared to normal wireless mice available, but I decided to spend a little more to experience something different.

I have been using this mouse for more than two months now so I can tell you why you should or should not buy Inphic Rechargeable Mouse.


  1. Rechargeable: I will say this is the best feature of this mouse. I did not find any sense of buying a mouse of INR 400-500 and then keep buying batteries for that every 5-6 months. With the increasing prices of AAA batteries and reducing life, that deal would cost more in 3-4 years. It charges from fully drained to fully charged in almost one and a half hours with USB 2.0 (regular mobile chargers). I could use it for more than 40 days on a single charge.
  2. Lightweight: Now this is not for everyone but if you want to consider a mouse that is light to use then this is for you. It’s so light that you may not even feel like you are handling something this powerful. The weight balance is good, moving the mouse from one point to another is too smooth. The experience is good at that part.
  3. Silent Clicks: This is one of the main reasons why I would recommend this mouse to someone who is a night owl. The button clicks and scroll wheel are truly silent. Even if it doesn’t make any noise, it does the job pretty well.


  1. No Bluetooth support: The mouse doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity at all. If you are buying a laptop that has limited USB A ports, then you may have to sacrifice one port for this mouse. When I purchased this one, I had a laptop with three USB A ports, so I did not think much but my new laptop has two USB A ports and it becomes when I want to connect two pen drives and a mouse. Still, I don’t think it’ll be a deal-breaker for casual users.
  2. LED Indicator: I found one negative thing about this mouse and it’s missing LED indicator to notify about low battery. My Logitech mouse also did not have such an indicator, but it used to work slow when the battery was about to die. This Inphic mouse simply stops working when the battery is drained. Secondly, here you don’t have a AAA battery which you would replace in a min and start working. It’s a wait of 30 mins at least before you can start using it.
  3. Design: This is a bit different kind of issue. The Upper and lower part of the mouse is not properly sealed, edges are not smooth as they should be. The separation of keys and the bottom part is too big. Even if that separation is not exposing any internal part of the mouse, it makes it fragile for sure.
  4. Clicking Scroll wheel: If you are used to pressing the scroll wheel to open a link in a new tab or scroll down a page faster, that won’t be an easy thing on this mouse. The scroll wheel clicking is so hard that you have to put some force to make it happen. That was a disappointment for sure.

Overall, I am really happy with this product. I can easily rate it 7.5 out of 10.

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