The Positive Store Planner 2023 – Hands-on and Review

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The Positive Store Planner 2023 – Hands-on and Review

As a person who has been using dated planners for the last three years, The Positive Store Planner 2023 is a fresh experience. This planner consists of a very minimal but thoughtful design. It not just gave me a new experience but also made me wonder how precise a planner can be for a beginner.

Most of the time, the planner ticks all boxes I like. So, let’s walk through the planner and I will share my review along with that.

The Positive Store Planner 2023
The Positive Store Planner 2023 – Box Content

The Positive Store Planner 2023 – The Box Content

The box contains around 4-5 sheets of stickers. I found them quite useful. They’re not helpful for reminders but can be used to mark some important and memorable days on your monthly calendar or the vision board. Living by the company name The Positive Store, the box packs with it a few very good gratitude cards. I really like this idea because gratitude is a trait we miss today.

The box contains the main planner of B5 size and a small pocket-size book to note down some quick notes or tasks. I am not into pocket-size notebooks, so I have given them to my mother for her to-do list-making.

The Positive Store Planner 2023:

To begin with, this planner has the most appealing and soothing cover I have seen to date. A neon green cover with a meditating person resemblance and beautifully crafted design exudes positivity and calmness. This cover is nothing but pure bliss.

The planner itself carries a very minimal but motivating and thought-provoking design throughout. Let’s check it one section at a time.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

The Journey:

The 12-step journey right at the beginning gives a clear idea of how the planner is designed and what was the thought process behind it. This section gives a glimpse of everything inside. In layman’s language, you call it an index. However, it is designed so beautifully that can’t stop talking about it here.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

Get Clarity:

This is purely a “know yourself” section. With questions like ‘name 3 role models’, ‘why do people praise you’, and ‘if failure wasn’t an option, what would you do for the rest of your life’… this section makes you go within your mind and heart. It has a great one-page motivation on why self-introspection is the stepping stone to achieving what aim to achieve. With reasonable space given to each question, this can be a good start for planning your life.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

The Why:

Quite uncommon to have such a question on a planner but it’s not a useless one. This section has five “W” questions and I strongly believe you should answer them at least once a year. In the never-stopping world, we live in, there comes a time when we ask, “why I am doing this” and “what have I achieved”. Sometimes it’s a bit too late to look into the mirror and answer yourself.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

The Belief System:

I strongly believe that a human is a product of its belief system. Whether it’s good or bad, there are some qualities within a man that dictates most of his life. This section of the planner talks about the same. It encourages you to acknowledge your belief system and get rid of bad belief systems.

The Positive Store Planner 2023


If you’re aware of this Japanese way of life, you’re halfway through understanding this section. It provides you with a reason why your mornings feel joyful rather than stressful. Four important questions asked in this section would give you an idea of what to expect from your life and what to sacrifice for what.

The Positive Store Planner 2023


Well, that’s precisely why one buys a planner, to plan the actions. This section helps in deciding what you must do, what you should do less, and what you should completely avoid doing. Once you’re accountable to something or someone, things automatically fall into place. It’s exactly the motive of this part of the planner.

The Positive Store Planner 2023


Probably, most of us are unfamiliar with this term. This section, RAS stands for Reticular Activating System, brings back memories of me reading “The Secrets”. Manifest what you want from life. Though I am not a great believer in the Law of Attraction (LOA), it is a good reminder for those who believe in it.

The Positive Store Planner 2023


There are a few pages for different goals you have for yourself. Here you can plan your goals and how you can navigate yourself to achieve them. Every goal page has sections for a brief intro of the goal, the path to achieve it, and the milestones.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

Monthly Pages:

The planner has kept its minimal design language intact even here. The month starting page has space for various goals you want to achieve in the month. From personal growth to career goals to social contribution, you can pen down every kind of thing here. The planner doesn’t have a calendar per se but it has a list where you can note down special days and events each month.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

Weekly Pages:

This is more or the same kind of weekly pages section you’d see in any planner. The only difference I saw was the merger of the Saturday and Sunday columns into one “weekend” column. The circular habit tracker is new to me and I am not sure if I will use it the way it is given. Overall, I like the spacious design I get here.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

Monthly Review:

This is a very brief and no-nonsense approach I have seen for monthly review. The two-page section covers almost all-important criteria that help you analyze yourself and your life every month. It gives an idea of what great things you did and what you need to fix.

The Positive Store Planner 2023

Positive Tasks:

This part justifies the name of the company i.e. The Positive Planner 2023. There are over 30 positive tasks listed and I can relate to most of them, even if not all. Tasks like “start a 30-days money-saving challenge” and “practice a no-complaint day” will surely bring a positive change in your outlook toward life.


To summarize, I would rate The Positive Store Planner 2023 8 out of 10. Priced at INR 1099, this is not one of the most affordable planners out there. But there are things like a minimalist approach, design that exudes positivity, and build quality that makes up for the price point. I will recommend this to anyone who is looking for an aesthetically pleasing undated planner.

You can buy it from here!

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