Dear Authors




Dear Authors, Write What You Write the Best, Not What Sales the Most

What does it mean by exceptional writing? Is it about writing something that no one has ever attempted or about writing same old stories in new ways? Probably none of them. In this contemporary world when many people are picking their pens and writing a story, it is not unrealistic to expect that readers will get something new, something better and something they have never read before.

But is it happening? Certainly not…

Love, romance, murder mysteries and few more topics are so common to be found in any bookstore, whether online or offline. For a guy who is so happy to witness so many young authors making their debut in the world of books, it is disappointing to see that no new stories are coming. I am not against those well-established genres of books but it is very surprising to see how every new author (Or I should say most of them.) is thinking of writing books which fall in those genres only. Do we the readers read only those stories or do we need something else? Has the publication industry stopped encouraging those authors and stories which are shattering stereotypes? Or it is the less creativity from the author’s end?

In my opinion, it is not about the readers or publication but the authors. With all due respect to all those authors who are writing something, there is no intention of demeaning your efforts but if as a reader, I am going to a book which is almost like my previous reads then the excitement of reading is lost somewhere. This is genuinely a bizarre case how one boy, one girl kind of story fits in every book, be it a political thriller, action-based or whatever. Has it become a formula to sale book quickly or at least get the book pushed into the reader’s hand? Do we really need a great deal of love in every story? Apart from that, many books that I have read are, again, based on the very identical storyline but some catchy lines and good quotes are added to make it a crisp read. These things do create a ‘feelgood’ factor but are really creativity? Why every book has to create an experience like the Bollywood movie?

There are authors like Ashwin Sanghi and Amish Tripathi who didn’t go for conventional writing but kept confidence in their work, regardless of how many difficulties they had to face initially and today they don't need any introduction. These two are just examples. They are what they are because they chose the complex path. “To write” and “To rewrite” are two different things. When they are misunderstood, it is really disappointing. What are the reasons that we see so many similarities in every book? Is it because reading is influencing writing a lot? Is it that new authors write what they read? Are we missing authors who imagine their own stories, who live in that story, who will not let commercial world ruin their imagination? Or it is because the authors want to opt for the easiest way of creating a 200-300 pages’ books which can be sold at moderate prices and can create buzz through GoodReads and Amazon ratings?

Hope to see some great talented authors and great stories in upcoming time.