Hello readers, thanks for arriving here. This is Parikshit Shah welcoming you on my personal site.

I am 24 and I am a student of economics. I live in Panvel, Maharashtra. I was born with a disease named Osteogenesis imperfecta (also known as brittle bones disease) which makes me physically disabled by 80%. I have completed my Master of Arts in Economics from the Savitribai Phule University of Pune in the year of 2017. Now I am aspiring to pursue my Ph.D. in development economics in nearest future.

I am a politically active person and a die-hard supporter of liberal, secular and democratic idea of politics. I believe that every person should have right to express his/her thoughts about a country, its government, and its leaders. Politically active since 2011. Inclined to the ideology of Indian National Congress at present.

I love to read books and give an honest review of them. I am one of those people who paperback or hardcover in the age of eBooks and audiobooks. I like to read any book with good story or message, history-fiction or non-fiction, mystery, suspense and thriller books. I am associated with Author Paradise, the start-up for book publication, marketing, and reviews. I have reviewed more than 25 books in last three years and interviewed three emerging authors.

Regarding this blog site! It will have three categories: Economics, Book Reviews, Thoughts.

Economics: I strongly believe every person should know basics of economics. One may not like economics as a subject but no one can remain unaffected by economic happenings. I believe that a good political decision should have a sound logic of economics because this is exactly what any country needs to progress in a right direction. I will attempt to make economics as easy as possible to make it understandable for everyone. This section will have weekly blogs on theories and concepts of economics.

Book Reviews: Here, I will write about the books I read. You will find one or two blogs in this category every month. All reviews will be genuine and unbiased. The books I review here will be either bought by me or sent by authors for review.

Thoughts: What more can be a better place to express thoughts than one’s own blogging site. You will find my thoughts on the political, social and other matter in this section of a blog. The blogs under this category will be based on personal opinion and free from any influence.